Fading walls, chipped and grimy frame India’s sooty streets and Agra, the Taj Mahal’s home, takes no exception.

A few hundred yards from the Taj’s glowing perfection, I found the wall.

Just a normal wall in India, but on this day a wall that captivated my attention. Partly because of its texture but also because of how it surrounded the people and vehicles passing by, fusing them into its color and contrast, into the cacophonous tapestry known as India.

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  1. leila820la

    9759……YES, Micah by far my favorite. You wonder what the woman is thinking as she appears to be walking with such confidence. Where the man holding the child, another totally separate wave of thoughts. Is he married, looking and wishes when he sees her. Has she just crossed the street to get away from him? Is the child his? ETC……
    Just back at it Micah….bravo, and finally.


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