Nearly 1500 years ago, a child’s birth sent shockwaves through Asia and the globe that continue to shape people and ideas to this day.

The child’s mother, Queen Mayadevi, gave birth in Lumbini, in what is now southern Nepal and where her son Siddhartha achieved enlightenment and became the Buddha.

Today, Buddhists and Hindus (Hindus believe Buddha is the incarnation of the deity Vishnu) pilgrims wander through Lumbini’s gardens and temples and trace Buddha’s footsteps.

Pagodas built by Buddhist communities from throughout the world dot the UNESCO World Heritage site and invite visitors to experience their serene beauty and tranquility while reading signs posted to trees that share Buddhist wisdom.

Of note, the Lumbini Peace Pagoda, pictured below was built to promote love and world peace, its creator moved to act by witnessing the horrors of WWII.

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