Stepping into the Adirondacks is a move toward sensory simplicity and away from the cacophony of life (in New York City).

The ruckus of traffic, sirens, sewers, even light dissipate into a clarified Adirondack sensory delight: hear the light rain’s patter, smell and taste the gentle pine-infused breeze, listen to the rustling leaves in the trees and crunching underfoot.

I didn’t realize it until after I began reviewing my photos from the Adirondack’s and how they resonated within me, that every moment I spent exploring and photographing the wilderness, I sought to capture the moment’s quietude.

I’m lucky to say my apartment in Brooklyn isn’t too loud, but nothing like the Adirondack’s ambient silence (think white noise on steroids).

I hope these photos convey that calm and inspire and motivate you to find moments of silence in your non-stop life. Like any medicine, this curative, calming salve requires we take the first pill or in this case, first step into the Adirondack state of mind.