A Himalayan Thaw (No Spring Required)

It’s bloody cold in New York City right now, maybe even colder then trekking through the Nepali Himalayas. As the Gosain Kund trek progressed and the declining altitude ushered in a wonderful oxygen-filled intoxication, spring-like warmth and greenery filled the … Continued

The Terrace of Human Possibility

Goodbye snow and hello green sums up day 4 trekking from the Nepali villages of Ghopte to Kutsmsang. The world seems to blossom and breathe a thawed life, leaving the bleached snowy Himalayan heights behind. Plots of corn and other … Continued

Where Avalanches Storm Up Mountains and Icy Lakes Glow

At 14,000-plus feet the world seems cold and ominous. Sheets of snow cover frozen lakes, contrasting the soft fluffy clouds hiding the surrounding frigid, Himalayan peaks. Once in a while, bolts of sun sneak through the clouds, bathing the beauty … Continued

Flirting with Nepali Clouds

Drama begins on Day 3 of Nepal’s Gosain Kund trek where razor-sharp peaks drenched in snow spirit in and out of view as an ocean of cottony clouds roll by. At times it feels like you’re on a jet, soaring … Continued

Trekking into the Nepali Heavens

Jagged peaks splinter clouds in Nepal’s Himalaya mountains. Famous for its Tower of Babel-like peaks (Everest) and trekking trails (Annapurna & Everest Base Camp), thin air and snowy vistas greet the visitor to Nepal’s heavenly Himalayas, which translates in Sanskrit … Continued