St. Vincent’s Volcanic Hero

Hot off the press! My latest photo essay for Nature. I traveled to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to photograph Dr. Richie Robertson, the renowned expert in Caribbean volcanology. Richie’s research focuses on St. Vincent’s La Soufriere, a massive volcano … Continued

Dr. Damian Cohall and The Power of Barbadian Plant Medicine

Barbados’s rich history of medicinal plants traces its roots to the 1627 arrival of enslaved Africans. Imported to toil in the island’s unforgiving sugarcane fields, their indigenous knowledge kept the island’s population healthy despite adversity. Today, western medicine is the … Continued

Nature’s Protector: Barbados’s Sea Turtle Project (P. 1)

Carla Daniels has led Barbados Sea Turtle Project for 15-years, protecting the island’s migratory and permanent sea turtle population. Seven-days a week, 24-hours a day, Carla (and an army of local and international volunteers) search the island for sea turtles. … Continued