My Portrait of Brazil’s Top Physicist for Nature’s 10

Each year, Nature magazine publishes an annual list of 10 scientists making a difference in the world. 2019’s package opens with my double-page portrait of Ricardo Galvao. As Brazil’s top physicist and a national hero who challenged Brazil’s President Bolsonaro, … Continued

Colorado’s Screaming Silence

America’s rugged wilderness imposes a calming salve, even when mosquitos are attacking you. Nature doesn’t know silence. There’s always some sound like an oscillating frog belch or raspy crickets mashing their legs together. Wind whispers through the trees and when … Continued

Laos Part 2: Vang Vieng

Imagine a place where reruns of Friends and Family Guy play 24/7. Where throngs of backpackers stoned on “happy food” and Laos whiskey float on tubes from bar to bar on the Nam Song river’s chilly current. Where limestone cliffs … Continued